La traviata, Glyndebourne
La Traviata, Glyndebourne
Gimadieva has all the makings of an outstanding interpreter of this star soprano role. She looks the tubercular courtesan to perfection: slim, with her almond-shaped face framed by the long black hair of Marie Duplessis, the model for Dumas’s Lady of the Camellias, on which La traviata is based. Gimadieva’s looks recall the young Galina Gorchakova, and her voice that of Anna Netrebko when she first emerged. She is a committed actress and her voice fills the medium-sized Glyndebourne auditorium without obvious effort…by “Alfredo, Alfredo” at Flora’s soirée she was spinning ear-caressing pianissmi; and in Addio del passato (Adieu to past dreams), tinged with regret and nostalgia, she had found her stride and her conquest of the audience was complete.